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Yogis say that we were not born merely to be subject to pain and suffering, disease and death. There is a greater purpose to life. For this reason the ancient sages developed an integral system to ward off the decaying of the body, and keep the physical and mental faculties strong, in order to have more quality time for spiritual investigation. This is the system of yoga.

Considered to be the gift India shared with the rest of the world, yoga is the medium that brings the modern man to a to a healthier, happier and more conscious life.

The aim of “Yoga Class Chania” is to honor and embrace each student’s individual need for personal growth, guidance towards it, well being and fullfillment. Each yoga class is a journey closer to our core: our true self. Everybody is welcome in the class, and eberybody is capable of changing!

I hope I can share with you all the beauty that yoga can bring to our lives! Through discipline, observation and the will to explore and play with our boundaries, we will begin to experience change... in all aspects of life!

Your Yoga Class.

Yoga at Your Place
group, private
Yoga at Your Place
Yoga at Your Place
Group, Private
Yoga Outdoors
group, outdoor
Yoga Outdoors
Yoga Outdoors
Group, Nature
Yoga Weekends
group, private
Yoga Weekends
Yoga Weekends
Group, Nature, Private

In the Yoga Class Chania we...

Practise Pranayama
Proper breathing excersises that οxygenate, activate and increase vitality. Improve concentration, mental stability, reduce stress and fatigue.
Practise the asanas
From traditional yoga asanas(steady poses) to contemporary yoga, we practise with responsibility, proper alignment guidance and adjustments to the asanas.
Partner Yoga
Intensify your practice with the help of your partner. Cultivate trust and deeper communication. Feel playful and fulfillment with the joy of giving and receiving.
Wall alignment and yoga props
With the help of the wall and our yoga props, we delve into the asanas and deepen our understanding, while we give time to the asana to unfold its benefits.
Proper relaxation
We allow ourselves to feel comfort, and relax with guided relaxation techniques (yoga nidra).
Practise Meditation
Inward focus of the mind with consentration focused on one element (e.g. breath). The practice of maditation empties the mind, cultivates calmness and allows the body to heal itself.

Yoga Schedule

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Make your first step to a healthier and happier life!

Practice regularly & mindfully
What you eat, drink, inhale, or think

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