About Me

Angeliki Rempelou, born and raised in Athens, discovered her passion for yoga and Vipassana meditation after obtaining her first degree in Architecture in 2009.


In pursuit of a more relaxed and healthy lifestyle, Angeliki made the decision to leave the bustling city behind and relocate to Crete in 2011. It was in Chania where her journey into the world of Yoga truly began, immersing herself in a 2-year practice of Asthanga Yoga. She then trained in Traditional Hatha Yoga with Indian Yogi Harischchandra and furthered her studies in Iyengar Wall Yoga with Martin Zilbauer in Germany. Additionally, she expanded her expertise in prenatal and postnatal yoga with Gaia Laskou, Yoga Anatomy with Daphne Panayotopoulos, and Mindfulness with Kain Ramsay. Her dedication to learning continues through attending numerous workshops and seminars.


As a certified yoga instructor (YAI) with 590 hours of training, Angeliki has been teaching daily yoga classes since 2015. She is the founder of “Yoga Class Chania,” a well-regarded yoga studio where she currently teaches. Her studio provides a nurturing environment where her warmth, determination, and infectious energy inspire yoga practitioners to learn and explore. By combining and exploring different yoga styles, focusing on breath and natural flow, Angeliki utilizes asanas and breath as tools to deepen one’s present-moment awareness. Notably, she is also the co-founder of the Be Now meditation app, lending her voice and writing talents to the guided meditations and imagery.


When not on her mat, Angeliki can be found swimming or hiking, enjoying music, and embarking on adventures off the beaten track. She believes that her most cherished moments in life occur when she is attuned to nature and uncovering its secrets.

Yoga Class Chania in Crete
I hope I can share with you all the beauty that yoga can bring to our lives! Through discipline, observation, acceptance and the will to explore and play with our boundaries, we will begin to experience change… in all aspects of life!
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