Group breathwork meeting in Chania with Paul Jones

Group Breathwork Meeting in Chania with Paul Jones

On Saturday 11th of March we are super happy to welcome Paul Jones and Stathia Zouganeli to Yoga Class Chania to introduce us to the unique world of breathwork!

Breathwork is a very powerful technique, with so many possibilities and applications. It can directly improve your daily life

our daily lives with simple techniques, but can also take us deeper into our bodies to shift the emotional energy associated with trauma. In addition to being an absolute asset in our personal healing journey, Breathwork is an extremely effective tool in our professional palette as mental health specialists, alternative therapists, yoga teachers, artists, etc.

In these open group breathwork sessions, as you would expect, we only give a very very small taste of the technique and move with safety and very gently to meet the needs of all participants. Breathwork open group sessions consist of two parts. During the first part we explain the basics of the technique: how it works in relation to releasing trauma/feelings and what sensations you may experience in the body. The second part is where we become familiar with the technique and lasts just over an hour.

At the day please wear comfortable and warm clothes, avoid tight underwear and bring water with you.

Here you will find information about Breathwork Training Level I. If you would like more information about payment options, the program or

Attendance options, you can call +30 6997133221 or in person on the day of the seminar.

A few words about Paul

Born in New Zealand, Paul was first introduced to the Rebirthing Breathwork technique in 1987. He has worked with some of the world’s pioneering Rebirthers and has guided hundreds of people through the process of releasing their structural trauma. He has offered trainings and seminars in many countries. You will find more information about Paul on the site

When: 11 March, 11:00-13:30
Location: Yoga Class Chania, Mallinou 32, Chania, Crete
Cost: 10 euros

*Pre-booking / pre-payment required. Call +30 6997133221 to reserve a place.


Come early, we will start on time 🙂

It’s best not to have eaten anything heavy before the session and be sure to bring a bottle of water with you.
Also, it will make it easier if you wear comfortable, warm clothes, even if it’s a nice day outside.

You may want to write down some notes from your experience, so bring a notebook and a pen.
Bring a yoga mat and a blanket with you, too.

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