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I hope I can share with you all the beauty that yoga can bring to our lives! Through discipline, observation and the will to explore and play with our boundaries, we will begin to experience change... in all aspects of life!
My skill
Yoga For Pregnancy 95%
Boxing Yoga 85%
Yoga For Children 88%
Meditation 90%

About My Classes

Step-by-step instruction for learning a full complement of Pilates mat exercises and basic yoga poses with special attention on developing a sense of body awareness, moving with your breath, and increasing core strength. Focus is on core stability for better alignment, increased freedom of movement and whole body coordination and flexibility. Each exercise is taught with respect for the level and needs of the individual student.

  • Yoga Pratice For Children Beginners!
  • Yoga Kundalini For Prrgnancy!

A great stand alone mind-body practice, this class is also designed to boost your yoga practice.

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