Full Moon Outdoors Yin Yang Yoga & Sound Bath Experience – 24 June 2021

We invite you to an outdoors threefold meeting on the upcoming June full moon on Thursday, June 24 (third and last supermoon of the year) with an exciting Yin & Yang Yoga and Sound Bath, at the beautiful Ktima Spiridaki in Chania.

Yin and Yang: the Taoist concept that refers to the two polar to the two seemingly opposite forces that actually complement each other, are interdependent in the physical world and are ultimately created by each other thanks to this perfectly harmonious connection.

Yin & Yang Yoga combines two styles of yoga into one practice – it brings together all the benefits of strength and flexibility, active and passive, static and flow, warmth and coolness.

  • Yang Yoga-external, dynamic, ascending practise with Angeliki Rempelou.
  • Yin Yoga-internal, passive, descending practise with Coralia Batista.
  • Sound Healing session with singing bowls, crystal bowls and gong for balancing the energy centers with Manolis  Zografakis.

Come and enjoy the eternal game of duality! Life expresses itself changing poles and frequencies . Instead of fighting with the opposite energies, allow them to harmonize into one beautiful and wonderful… WE! 

The event will start at 18:30 sharp, and will end at 21:15 with the full moon rising.

You can contact us at +30 697 394 8585 / Viber / Whatsapp for more information and to book a place, or by message on our Facebook page: Yoga Class Chania.

You can click ‘attend’ our event on Facebook so that you get notifications for changes in the schedule or further info about the night.

Where: Ktima Spiridaki, Nerokouros 731 00
When: Thursday 24 June 18:30-21:30 (arrival time 18:10)
Cost: early bird tickets 25 Euro (till Friday 18 June) – then 30 Euro

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