Yin Yoga and Sound Healing Experience at Yoga Class Chania

Yin Yoga & Sound Bath Experience

We are happy to invite you to a special wellness experience on Sunday 20/2 at 19.00. A yoga class in which we will combine the therapeutic benefits of Yin yoga and Sound healing with the crystal singing bowls by sound therapist Manolis Zografakis! A mild, supportive, passive yoga practice in which using the help of the props (bolsters, blocks, blankets) we stay in selected asanas for a longer time, with less effort. We will have time to breathe deeply, expand our consciousness and experience relief, feel every part of our body, and relax with the healing vibrations of the crystal bowls.

We will give ourselves the time to let go, release tension, calm our minds with the help of magical therapeutic sounds and balance our autonomic nervous system, and last but not least we will allow our body to begin the process of self-healing.

What are the benefits of a Yin yoga practice?

● Relaxes and balances the mind and body, reduces stress
● Releases tension
● Improves mobility and flexibility
● Provides myofascial release, which aids to healthier joints
● Improves blood circulation
● Balances the meridians, benefits the internal organs
● Improves the flow of prana/chi in the body
● Soothes the nervous system
● Helps with insomnia

What are the benefits of sound bath?

● Reduces stress levels and tension, brings deep relaxation
● Reduces anxiety, anger, fatigue
● Lowers blood pressure
● Creates a calm space for self realisation
● Restores inner harmony
● Releases blocked energy and tension in the body
● Relieves and loosens sore muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments
● Cleanses and balances your energy fields (chakras)
● Reduces headaches and pain
● Helps with depression
● Shifts and expands awareness
● Balances the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic-parasympathetic)
● Improves mental clarity, increases creativity

🧘‍♀️ Suitable for all level of practitioners.
🧘‍♀️ You will need to pre-book your spot since spots are limited

To book your spot or for further information, contact us:
✔+30 697 394 8585 / Viber / Whatsapp
✔email: arempelou@yahoo.gr
✔click here: https://yogaclasschania.gr/contact/

When: Sunday 20/2 at 19:00
Where: at the studio of Yoga Class Chania, Malinou 32, Chania Town, Crete
Price: 25euro

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